inducting And on boarding

Kutumbh HR Care identify the organization needs to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at the organization. Selection then consists of the processes involved in choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to fill a post. Training consists of a range of processes involved in making sure that job holders have the right skills, knowledge and attitudes required to help the organization to achieve its objectives. Recruiting individuals to fill particular posts within a business can be done either internally by recruitment within the firm, or externally by recruiting people from outside.

Inducting & on boarding

It is critical for organizations to ensure a world class induction and on boarding experience for there employees. Kutumbh HR Care offers one of the most enjoyable on boarding process. Since recruitment & selection is a constant effort by the human resources of any organization, Kutumbh HR Care offers a wide range of programs that has substance.

Content might include sessions on the corporate history, the values of the firm, an overview of the strategy and fiscal goals, perhaps an overview of the finances by the CFO, and a greeting from some senior-level executive.  Some programs may include rotational assignments; others may include special projects that are designed to expose the new employee to parts of the company he would not normally have any contact with.