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What We Can Do

Our Business in HR Domain

Business Development is a critical function where Consultants must understand the industry they operate in and gather market intelligence. Kutumbh HR Care provides companies of various sizes and industries with highly qualified temp, temp-to-hire, and direct hire employees in all areas and sectors. When it comes to building a solid team do it right – one time. Do it with Kutumbh HR Care.

Sourcing Capabilities

Sourcing Capabilities identifying & converting challenge ’ of right manpower availability into one of our USP by way wide network of various campus/institutes of various vocational/ educational studies; employment exchanges etc.


Plan your training, track your work inputs and measure your progress is what man management requires. Training is one of the important role players for man management in professional environment. It starts with having a clear goal, finding expert instruction, performing structured training and receiving immediate feedback throughout the process.

As one of the Key Team member being a Professional Trainer, his enriched experience adds value and helps to attain organizational objective etc.


Complying with state and federal employee benefits regulations can be daunting.That’s where Kutumbh HR Care Compliance Service team comes in. We are here to help employers keep up with rules complexities and the risks and consequences of non-compliance.

Kutumbh HR Care Compliance service provides valuable, prompt and matter of fact compliance assistance to clients through direct contact with our compliance attorneys, publications, email alerts, webinars, seminars, and many more.

Welcome to Kutumbh Care Pvt Ltd

Kutumbh HR Care is part of Kutumbh Care Pvt Ltd, an enterprise having business interest in Human Capital Solutions for organisations based in India & Middle & South East Asia & Africa, besides having its registered office at New Delhi and corporate office at NOIDA, it has presence in major zones of India. Kutumbh HR Care has overall 50 man years of experience into Human Resources; Finance & General Management at multiple levels in Indian & MNC organizations. Kutumbh HR Care is a pioneer in delivering trusted end-to-end HR/IT in Payroll,Staffing(temping)Compliances,Search & Selections (Recruitments)and Training, we have become a partner by choice for large MNC ’s, and SME ’s.

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